Account problems

What should I do if there is a problem with my CEC ID, company name, or other account information?

Talos does not directly control or influence CEC IDs (Cisco username), company names, or other account information. To open a case related to CEC information, or to edit your own account details, visit

From the site:

Update Account Company Name

  1. Log in with link, in a private window
  2. Click the “Personal” tab along the top
  3. Press Edit
  4. Update the profile details
  5. When entering the company name, please input the first 3/5 letters of your company name

This will prompt a drop-down menu to display all combinations of the company name with their respective addresses recorded in our system.

From this list, please select the correct combination of company name and address, and the system will automatically populate your details.

Finally, press “update”.

Can’t Find Company Name

If the user doesn’t find the desired company name and address from the dropdown menu:

  1. Skip to add your company name
  2. Open the drop-down menu of the section “Adress-select from option”
  3. Click “add new address”
  4. Select “company/organization” from address type
  5. Select “I agree that adding a new address may impact my existing access to company information”
  6. Enter company name, address and phone number manually
  7. Press “update”

Afterward click “update.”

If a pop-up with the message “Validation failed” appears, troubleshoot as follows:

  1. If you are a new company, avoid the message and press “confirm update”
  2. If your company is already recorded in our system and you are changing your company name, please read the message with attention and make your decision whether to press “confirm update”,
  3. If you are not sure how to proceed at this point of the procedure, please press “cancel update” and contact TAC.