Connect with ESA/CES account

Associating an ESA or CES Account

Users of the legacy portal can still use their old registration IDs on new ESA or CES accounts. These IDs were user-created and will automatically transfer to the new portal.

An account can have any number of registration IDs. However, Cisco recommends using a single registration ID per domain. Note that only Domain Admins can access and manage registration IDs. New registration IDs can be created in the Manage Account section of the portal. New registration IDs are auto-generated to avoid possible duplication. They can be used on any number of ESA or CES accounts.

How do the registration IDs work?

When an email is submitted to Cisco, the registration ID is added to the email header to indicate which ESA/CES the email passed through. Once the email is received, the registration ID is scanned and associates that email with the specific ESA/CES account that registration ID belongs to. If you are a domain user or a domain viewer this information is still transmitted.

Do I have to add the auto-generated registration IDs to my ESA/CES?

Yes, unless your account has legacy registration IDs from the old portal. Legacy registration IDs should port over automatically from the old portal, although they should still match the registration ID on your ESA/CES. Registration IDs associate submissions with a specific account.

Can a submission be tracked if there is no registration ID on my ESA/CES, or if it does not match one on my Email Status Portal account?

No, the registration ID is what allows us to associate submissions with a specific account.