Content categorization process

Content Categorization Submission Process

When a customer submits a request for content categorization via, it is sent to the Content Categorization Team, where an analyst will take ownership of it.

All submissions are manually reviewed during this process. The analyst will consider a variety of information before they reach any decision with regards to a content category. Analysts can view the web site, hosted content, domains, sub domains, domain registration information, cached pages, search engines, etc. to determine what the purpose of the URL is and how it should be categorized. If a customer has suggested a content category, this may be taken into consideration as well. Category descriptions may be found at

Domains with high traffic volumes will receive a secondary review prior to publication.

Can I submit a large list of URLs?

Individuals may only submit 50 URLs at one time. Only Cisco TAC engineers and other support personnel can submit bulk lists, on behalf of a customer.

Why was a request to categorize a malicious URL declined?

Content Category and Threat Category are two separate sets of classification, one based on the content or purpose of a site and the other based on the type(s) of malicious activities associated with a site. If you would like to report that a site is malicious, the correct thing to do is to submit a reputation support ticket, suggesting the Threat Category you believe is correct.

Does Talos review uncategorized URLs?

Talos reviews all uncategorized URLs submitted by customers via as well as anonymized telemetry from their platform, where supported. The review of content categories for anonymized telemetry is prioritized on volume information and refreshed at least once per day.