IP reputation recovery

How fast will my IP reputation recover?

In general, once all issues have been addressed (fixed), reputation recovery can take anywhere from a few hours to just over one week, depending on the specifics of the situation and how much email volume the IP sends.

Complaint ratios determine the amount of risk for receiving mail from an IP. Therefore, reputation improves as the ratio of legitimate mails increases with versus the number of complaints. Speeding up the process is not really possible. The Talos Reputation Center is an automated system over which we have very little manual influence.

In the meantime, if there are recipients you cannot contact, we would recommend contacting the ISP involved to request temporarily adding the IP to their Allow List, or contact the recipient via alternative means.

Adjusting IP score

IP address scores cannot be manually adjusted; the Talos Reputation Center is an automated system. All IPs are subject to the same reputation calculation standards. Manually adjusting a score would be contradictory to fair and equal assessment of all IPs.

IP/Web Reputation filtering for purchase

Presently we do not offer any such package. You may contact Cisco Sales and inquire about router and email appliance services, which would offer you the protection of our IP (email) and URL (web) reputation systems.