Portal overview

The Email Status Portal has replaced the legacy Cisco Email Submission and Tracking Portal. It is located within the My Account section on talosintelligence.com. Legacy portal users can access their previous submissions within the new portal.

The Email Status Portal is a tool for monitoring the status of email submissions from Cisco customers. Cisco encourages customers who use Cisco Secure Email to submit spam/phish that bypassed current detection content, and ham, desirable email that was incorrectly filtered out, to improve overall efficacy. Cisco accepts these submissions through the Cisco email security plugin for Microsoft Outlook, or as emails forwarded as an attachment directly to email addresses based on their type (spam, ham, phish, virus, etc.). The email status portal provides a way for customers to track the status of these submissions.

Customers can monitor their own submissions, or, if they are a Domain Administrator or Domain Viewer, they can monitor all submissions from their domain(s).

See more information on the terminology and data used in the Email Status Portal.

Is this for submitting spam/phish, marketing or other emails for classification?

No, this portal is for tracking the status of emails submitted via other means. If users want to submit samples of spam/phish, ham, marketing or non-marketing emails that may have been mis-identified by ESA/CES, they may either download the Microsoft Outlook plugin, or submit to the following emails as an attachment directly. Detailed instructions can be found on this page.

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Cisco customers who experience a problem with the Email Status Portal, would like to suggest a feature or improvement, or have a dispute about a specific email submission categorization, submit a ticket to TAC: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/web/tsd-cisco-worldwide-contacts.html