Incorrect network owner or hostname

Incorrect network owner of an IP address

Talos Reputation Center displays the owner of the largest IP block to which an IP belongs. It is possible that the “owner” is not what it seems: an organization might be renting IP space from the owner of the entire IP block. This is a very common practice. A whois query on the IP can corroborate the data provided by the Reputation Center.

If our data is incorrect, please note that the Talos Reputation Center contains information on over 32 million IP addresses that send email. It typically takes about 3 months for network owner and other contact/hostname information to be updated. Since there is no way to know the exact time the information for a given IP was updated, it is hard to predict how soon it will re-update. In any case, it should not be longer than 3 months.

Be assured that the information we list for network owner is informational only and does not impact the IP’s reputation. If an IP has a poor reputation, there is a different reason. See the “Reasons for Poor Email Reputation” FAQ under the Sender IP reptuation levels page for more information.

If a change is still needed, please file a ticket with our Sender IP Reputation Ticket form. Note: tickets about IPs with poor reputations take priority.

Incorrect hostname

If you recently changed your IP, then the Reputation Center data will update automatically as we receive samples of email with the new hostname. It doesn’t affect your reputation. If you’ve had the IP for more than 3 months, please create a ticket with our Sender IP Reputation form and we will investigate.