Data and terminology

The user’s Submissions page displays each of their submissions, from within a selected timeframe. Users can filter these submissions by submission category (marketing, spam, etc.) or by the status of samples after processing. All users can adjust the date range.

Domain Viewers and Domain Administrators can check and filter submissions by their own, or by any domain they have access to.

CID A unique identifier attached to each email submission after it has been processed by our internal intelligence engine. This ID can be used for reference if a user needs to contact support.
Registration ID A unique identifier associated with an organization to track submissions related to an ESA/CES account. Only Domain Administrators have access to registration IDs.
Date Submitted Date the email sample was reported, either through a direct email or through the plugin.
Submitter Email address of the user that submitted the sample.
Domain The domain of the submitter’s email address.
Submitted As The type of email the submitter believes the email sample to be (spam/phish, legitimate, marketing, not marketing).
Status A flexible classification of a specific email sample based on our internal intelligence. As new data is gathered and processed, this status has the potential to change over time.
Match Visualization of whether “Submitted As” and “Status” currently match.
Agree Feedback mechanism that allows the user to indicate whether they agree with the status that was given to their email sample. Users can only provide feedback on successfully processed and classified submissions they themselves submitted. Users cannot provide feedback on Rejected and No Determination statuses.
Observables Original sender domain, original sender IP address, embedded URLs, and embedded attachments.