Email classifications

Email Submission Definition Submission Method User Consideration for Submitting
Spam/Phish Unsolicited and undesired. Spam/Phish is never legitimate and may also be malicious (phish, virus, malware, scams, etc.) Delivered to the user’s inbox, but user considers message to be spam or Phish.
Legitimate Legitimate (good) email, not spam. Also known as ‘Ham.’ Detected as spam, but user considers message legitimate
Marketing / Graymail

Marketing is legitimate (not Spam) email that is commercial bulk email. Usually subscription based, sometimes unwanted.

Users may have knowingly or unknowingly solicited mail from the sender. For example swiping a badge at a conference or making an online purchase, etc. Legitimate subscription based marketing email will have a working unsubscribe mechanism.

Graymail is a broader category that Includes Marketing as well as other legitimate bulk mail.

Marketing/graymail messages not detected as marketing/graymail.
Not Marketing / Graymail Legitimate email (not Spam) that is not bulk and not subscription based. Usually person-to-person and/or transactional. Detected as Marketing/Graymail, but user considers the message to be transactional or otherwise not Marketing/Graymail.