Email Status Portal administrators


Are you an administrator? Request administrative permissions to your company’s domain(s) by going to the Manage Account section on the left sidebar.

If you are the owner of the domain:

  1. Click the ‘Add Domains or Claim Ownership’ button.
  2. Fill in the domain and check the ‘I own this domain’ checkbox and click Submit.

This will generate a temporary verification code that will be sent to the postmaster@[requesteddomain].com email address. In order for us to verify your ownership you MUST have access to this email address, and it must be able to receive our verification email. Enter the code in the prompt on the page within 10 minutes.

If you are not the owner of the domain, you can still send a request to change your access level on a domain that is already associated with your account, or to add a domain to your account. The existing owner and any current administrators will be notified, and your request will have to be approved. Note that there has to be an existing administrator for the domain already.

Once an initial Domain Administrator is configured, that account can grant (or remove) permissions for others to become Domain Viewers or Domain Admins. Domain Admins who control multiple domains can specify separate admins for each individual domain. Domain Administrators cannot view domains they are not the administrator of, or give themselves or others permissions to domains they are not an administrator of.

Adding Additional Domain Administrators

To add more Domain Admins, an existing Domain Admin must grant altered permissions. Admins can do this for any user from their Manage Accounts page, in the User table. Users can also request higher or lower permissions within the Manage Account page, pending approval from an admin.